Gabriel o Pensador

 Essa tribo é atrasada demais! Eles querem acabar com a violência, Mas a paz é contra a lei e a lei é contra a paz.”

Cachimbo da Paz

Brazilian hip-hop pioneer, Gabriel o Pensador returned to London after a sell out gig in 2017 as he celebrates an amazing 25-year career. “The Thinker” was caught in the intimate atmosphere of The Jazz Cafe.

Included in his set list were 2345meia78, Cachimbo da Paz, Astronauta and Até Quando, as well as songs from his latest album Sem Crise, like Surfista Solitário, his version of the 1980 Jorge Benjor hit.

As in a trip to Rio, we experienced Gabriel’s upbeat stage presence as he blasts out his concepts that reflect the collective atmosphere of a nation, as perfectly encapsulated in his 2017 rewrite of the hit ‘Tô Feliz (Matei O Presidente) 2’ and that has already reached the 10 million view mark.


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