Nando Reis

“Que a vida é mesmo coisa muito frágil, uma bobagem, uma irrelevância diante da eternidade do amor de quem se ama”

From bass player of one of Brazil’s most influential rock bands ever to becoming a best-selling Brazilian songwriter, Nando Reis brings his solo performance “Nando Reis – Voz e Violão” to London, playing very special renditions from his acclaimed repertoire.

Selling out concerts across his native Brazil, this show was designed to display his songs and lyrics as they were conceived. On stage, the sweet intimacy of his voice with the vibration of the guitar strings is intertwined with moments of percussive beats on the instrument. His fans, that span several generations, could enjoy a very moving performance.

In this intimate meeting between the poetic songwriter and the power of his guitar playing, the set list is packed with timeless hits such as All Star, Diariamente, Espatódea and Relicário. Also on the menu are interpretations of some of his classics, including Luz dos Olhos, O Segundo Sol, Quem Vai Dizer Tchau and Nos Seus Olhos.

The show was named after his album “Voz e Violão, no Recreio – Volume 1”, produced by Nando himself and mixed in Seattle by Jack Endino, a frequent collaborator. His following album, Jardim Pomar (2016) won the Latin Grammy for Best Portuguese Language Rock or Alternative Album. 

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